Advanced. Automated. Memorable

IT Asset Management that delivers successful business outcomes

RAY ALLEN introduces the first IT Asset Management and Service Renewal platform designed specifically to meet the requirements of the Cisco Reseller Partner. AgilityPlus includes electronic bonding with Cisco and other OEM’s to automate complex data integration, support flexible data enrichment and provide valuable business insights that lead to quantifiable increases in Partner productivity and revenue.

Seamlessly manage IT asset and associated Services for your entire
Customer install base

With over 10 years of leadership in IT Management, the RAY ALLEN team understands the requirements for a Partner-level solution. With this cloud based platform, you can:

  • Optimize your service attach rates and renewal revenue
  • Strengthen your Install Base Lifecycle Management practice
  • Empower your experts to focus on strategic efforts such as Digital Transformation
  • Maintain high availability of data and business intelligence

Boldly Deliver your Brand to your Customers
White label portals feature intuitive dashboards, reports and a modern BI tool

Created to handle the requirements of multiple vendors, AgilityPlus features seamless customer portals delivered exclusively through the RAY ALLEN Reseller Partner, a guarantee for unmatched security, speed, and reliability. The AgilityPlus customer portals are branded by the reseller, which offers a new level of global customer engagement designed to aid the Partner in standing out from competition. These customer engagements include the option to outsource advanced IT asset lifecycle management to our specialists. Taking advantage of this will ensure your company achieves maximum operational efficiency and optimal profit margins while freeing up time and resources to focus on other aspects of your business.

Achieve your Goals using Assessment Based Analysis

AgilityPlus is designed to help Cisco Partners achieve optimal IT Asset Management performance. The solution brings clarity to the install base of your customers’ networks, resulting in a boost in the number of opportunities for technology refresh and service renewal. AgilityPlus leverages unique Cisco data integrations and knowledge bases to perform the heavy lifting required to analyze and simplify the understanding and insights that come from this big data. ITAM provides the foundation and knowledge required to guide your Customer’s through their digital transformation journey.

AgilityPlus has Direct Integrations with

Delight your Customers:
Increase Customer satisfaction and reduce risk

A cadence of fact based conversations supported by data analytics in a collaborative presentation reduces the time required to prepare, present and close customer opportunities. Simultaneously, the rigorous analysis of data in the dashboards and reports assures your customers that the risk to the network is minimized and validates the ROI of your solution.