Asset Management

Optimize. Plan. Implement.

Central Source of IT Asset Management

Many of the world's largest enterprises and global leaders across industries count on us to integrate their diverse IT Assets and service contracts.

By integrating detailed, relevant business data and powerful application services, we allow the IT department to do what they do best: transform the enterprise for the future.

RAY ALLEN enterprise asset management

We Gather Insight from all over the Globe

The RAY • ALLEN Solutions provide a centralized view of how Enterprises structure, scale and spend on IT Assets. It leverages value added tools and programs to manage large data sets in an agile and flexible manner, with a focus on data and details. Our teams work closely with the client to ensure efficiency and effectiveness with ongoing metrics and measurement.


Integrated Processes

Audit Process

Your data accuracy and integrity is our primary focus. Leveraging our tri-layered audit approach, we capture, prepare and analyze your enterprise data sets. This establishes the crucial data baseline and allows for painless processing during renewal periods, efficient execution of device migration, and safeguards your IT investments against missing or inadequate maintenance coverage.

With RAY • ALLEN Asset Management, your data is continually audited and monitored, both systematically via our CAC (Complete Audit Control) and by our dedicated Account Executives.

Enterprise asset management audit process

Business Process Analysis

Integrate with Additional Databases
Integrate with the End Customer, other manufacturers and distributors such as managing all new hardware order data.

Track MACDs
RAY • ALLEN will work with Partners and the End Customer to set up processes to track all Moves, Adds, Changes and Deletes (MACDs), including merging with the End Customer’s ticketing system.

Track PO Information
Track PO information not only from Partners to their manufacturers, but also from the End Customer to Partners, empowering the End Customer in being able to track assets through their own PO information.

Track RMA’s and Credits
Ensure assets are properly covered during the RMA process as well as assisting in the credit process.

Enterprise asset management business process analysis

Standard & Custom Reporting

Expiring Asset Reporting
RAY • ALLEN provides Partners the ability to track which assets are expiring according to respective maintenance contracts across their entire customer base. Monthly notifications include assets expiring within 30, 60, 90 or 180 days.

EOS/EOL Reporting
RACS integrates important Cisco End of Sale/End of Life data into your Asset Install Base, in real time.

Customized and Ad Hoc Reporting
RAY • ALLEN can customize countless numbers of reports both at the Partner and Customer level.

Enterprise asset management expiring asset reports

Total Partner Care

Raise the level of excellence in your organization. Our goal is to help Partners grow their business through efficiencies they gain through this program.

RAY • ALLEN brings an array of added value services as a manufacturer-independent third party, as well as Integrated Processes to manage all contracts and assets across all of the Partner’s customer groups, from small or midsize to large enterprises. Through detailed reporting, the attach rate and renewal rates are improved and grow with the business.

Added Value Services

  • Dedicated Account Executive Team
  • Account Management Team
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Improve Attach Rates
  • On-Time Renewals
  • Improved Renewal Rates
  • Quotes / Procurement Process
  • Pre-Sales Audit
  • Standard & Customized Reporting