Maintenance Renewals

Analyze. Purchase. Manage.

Holistic Approach to Renewals

We combine analysis, data integration, automation and sales experiences to implement the best asset management practices for the best solution. By leveraging our holistic approach to renewals, we ensure the customers Install Base is viewed in its entirety, rather than on a transactional basis.

Maintenance contract renewals with RAY ALLEN

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Process Maximization, Visualized.

The RAY • ALLEN team establishes a baseline for identifying best practices via process modeling, documentation and analysis. This is true for Partners and Clients alike, as well as within the company walls, and everywhere in between.

RAY • ALLEN employs what we refer to as the RAI Headlight Approach: a method that shines a bright light on current processes, allowing our Business Process Management Team greater visibility into the intricacies that define and enable a process. Once a baseline has been established, in-depth analysis provides visibility to the path options available for achieving optimal process performance.

Process Discovery & Documentation

The RAI Process Management team works closely with all pertinent teams within a company to capture details for each end-to-end process that is executed on a daily basis, which creates process baseline.

Process Analysis & Re-mastering

Critical examination of the baseline allows RAI to refine the everyday business process into a methodically efficient operation.

Process Solidification & Integration Management

In addition to supplying a streamlined process, RAI will also recommend the Best Practices for incorporating the newly proposed solution, assisting with integration to ensure a smooth transition.

Manage & Transform Information

RAY • ALLEN employs an experienced team of Data Engineers dedicated to handling large, complex data sets. Leveraging our Information Analytics process platform, we consume, shape and reveal this data to our customers in a variety of ways.

All renewal metrics are tracked, analyzed and reported in myriad ways. From executive level summary charts and reports, to line item details, RAY • ALLEN's Information Analytics platform allows you to customize how your data is viewed.

Absorb Information

The RAY • ALLEN engineering team has data to utilize in a variety of formats. We specialize in handling large, complex data sets and turning them into usable, cross-platform, accurate data.

Manipulate & Transform Data Sets

Using a variety of technical and analytical methods, we analyze and manipulate data in numerous ways. Through the use of specialized, customized tools, RAY • ALLEN is able to finesse data easily and efficiently, preparing data for teams to begin working a renewal from an accurate, holistic starting point.

Advanced Customized Reporting

Data is useless unless it can be properly revealed. At RAY • ALLEN, we specialize in custom reporting designed for end users at all levels of an organization. From extremely detailed line item reports, to executive summaries, our information engineers are extremely skilled at creating the right report for the right audience.

Automation, Conceptualized & Realized

RAY • ALLEN firmly believes in taking highly manual, repetitive tasks and automating them through processes and technology. Our dedicated development team is extremely skilled at providing more efficient tools for both our internal team and our customers.

Collaborating with our customers, we view the renewal process from every angle, determined to increase productivity and create efficiencies in every process with the assistance of tools and automation. More renewals, greater efficiency, always on-time.

Conceive New Ideas

By objectively and constantly looking outside the box, the RAI development team is continually looking for ways to provide efficiencies to our Partners, Customers and internal teams. Brainstorming and developing ideas that increase the processing time of a renewal is a RAY • ALLEN passion.

Develop Custom Solutions

Our in-house development team develops many proprietary tools utilized by some of the largest companies across the globe. Our experienced RAY • ALLEN team transforms manual tasks into faster, more accurate automated processes, allowing for efficiencies across the entire renewal process.

Increase Process Efficiency

Laborious, repetitive tasks are no match for our development team. We are dedicated to taking time-intensive tasks from a manual process to an automated one, reducing lead time for large complex renewals.

RAY • ALLEN Sales Experience

The RAY • ALLEN Sales Experience is paramount to the success of a renewal, as well as the relationship. We continually look for opportunities to RAISE renewal metrics, customer satisfaction, customer retention and the overall customer experience.

Promoting these values leads to a mutually beneficial, lasting relationship between the customer and partner, ultimately leading to a more seamless, painless renewal process.

Renewal Approach

By taking a holistic approach to renewals, RAI initiates the sale by contacting the end user or sales team, well in advance of expiration, and intelligently discuss the inventory and renewal process, including co-terming assets that may not be expiring. This holistic approach streamlines future renewals, drastically reducing lead time with a pricing strategy and renewal quote for the customer.

Audit & Confirm Renewal

The RAY • ALLEN operations team delivers the quote to the end user and calls to review and confirm quote details. Auditing to ensure the quote is accurate is essential to timely, factual renewals.

Finalize & Process Renewal

After the quote is finalized, the RAI Sales team determines the renewal timeline and works with the customer or partner sales team to resolve and successfully process renewal.