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The RAY • ALLEN Control System, RACSystem (RACS) is a complete, cloud-based control system providing real time visibility to manage, measure and govern your IT Assets.

We know environment and expectations vary. Our highly trained support staff deliver unparalleled, comprehensive IT Asset Management capabilities specific to your data and business requirements.

Service, Tools, Knowledge & Workflow

IT Asset Control

At RAY • ALLEN, we understand maintenance contract management can be a daunting task. Our web-based application, RACSystem, was developed to minimize this problem.

Manage asset maintenance contracts with full audit capabilities, financial implication reporting, and a dedicated support team.

Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive Contract Management
  • Complete Hardware Order Tracking
  • Asset Life Cycle Management
  • Optimized Location Management
  • Cradle to Grave Transaction History
  • RMA Tracking


Lease Control

The Lease Management Module in RACSystem manages corporate leases for any type of equipment – including PCs, laptops, and servers.

Errors can be costly if critical dates and lease details are not clear. The program maintains an accurate overview of your leases and your equipment values regardless of their physical locations.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible Asset or Schedule Searches
  • Extensive Lease Value Information
  • Security-By-User Profile
  • Calculate Recurring Payment Streams
  • Analyze Leases with Fair Market Value


Procurement Control

The Procurement module in RACSystem helps organizations improve procurement management by consolidating multiple functions into one tool. This includes order quoting, order tracking, and establishing fulfillment staging centers while optimizing costs and improving workflow capabilities.

RAY • ALLEN collaborates with multiple manufacturers, vendors, partners, and financial institutions to ensure the integrity of your data, which is our number one priority.

Features & Benefits

  • Quote Generation and Management
  • Customizable Quoting
  • Streamlined Purchasing Processes
  • Track Shipments
  • Complete Purchase Order Tracking


Financial Control

The Financial Management module in RACSystem provides an accurate, current assessment and risk evaluation of a client's actual IT assets and their financial value to the company.

This includes the dollar value of the assets, risk assessment and exposure, pending inventory and asset history.

Features & Benefits

  • Central Credit Repository
  • Application of Credits to Future Purchases
  • Integrate with Third Party Systems
  • Instant Snapshot of Credits
  • Invoice Tracking & Reporting


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