Our story

Founded in 2004, RAY ALLEN has always had a clear vision for the networking industry — to replace confusion with clarity.

We’ve always held the belief that data integrity and independence are the foundation of successful digital transformation. We serve Technology Manufacturers, Service Providers, Value-Added Resellers and their customers as the independent third party keeping a centralized, accurate and Unified Source of Truth for all organizations in the channel ecosystem.

Your story

The networking industry is rapidly changing and becoming increasingly competitive. Enterprises, Service Providers, Resellers and Technology Manufacturers find themselves faced with the challenge of maintaining the accuracy of their install bases as they navigate the digital transformation journey, resulting in loss of revenue capture, operational inefficiencies and lower renewal rates. The problem is made worse as the shift from new product sales to recurring subscription models accelerates. Throughout the years, many organizations have tried to obtain the business benefits of IT Asset Management, only to invest in platforms or services that fail to solve the root cause of the issues they face.

Learn how to create a Unified Source of Truth and drive real business outcomes.

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Our values

Logical Thinking

Transform confusion into clarity

We take the chaos of managing multiple datasets from multiple parties to create a Unified Source of Truth that enables all organizations to achieve their business goals.


Connected independence

By unifying all sources of truth, we act as a neutral, trusted advisor preserving data integrity and accessibility for our customers’ entire channel ecosystems.


Flourishing innovation

We relentlessly seek out ideas and opinions to catalyze innovative thinking, challenge the status quo and foster an environment that drives collaboration, creativity and growth.

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