ITAM Solutions are Market Disruptors


Over the past decade, many of us have experienced new technology or new services that have changed our way of life. Companies like Amazon, Apple, Telsa, Uber and Microsoft have proven how new technology and innovative services can dramatically disrupt traditional markets, render current technology obsolete and reshape the buying decision of customers. These companies were successful in creating market disruption because they had something in common; they created technology or services that redefined how to solve customers’ problems.


Market Disruptors in the IT Industry

In the IT industry, cloud computing, network virtualization and security management are some of the major technology areas that are driving disruption in how customers use technology to evolve into a digital business. These technology advances have resulted in reduced capital expenditures and increased business agility in supporting both internal stakeholders and end-customers. These technologies have also dictated new product requirements, driving Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and Service Providers (SP) to redefine their offerings and increase their focus on customer success.

Consequently, this has affected how IT assets are managed and has turned IT Asset Management (ITAM) solutions into market disruptors as well. Using innovative technology and services, these ITAM solutions enable organizations to navigate the new IT landscape.




Importance of ITAM in Managing Digital Migration

An effective ITAM solution is key for orchestrating and managing digital migration. According to Gartner, a robust, dynamic and well-funded ITAM discipline is now a strategic imperative and a success prerequisite for digital business[1].

Migrating a customer into new technologies, however, does not happen overnight. Costs, usage and disposition of legacy assets needs to be controlled and optimized while new technologies are acquired and deployed. If migrations become messy, customers will pull back the throttle on future IT investments. Therefore, the pace and accuracy of migration is a critical path for OEMs, VARs or SPs to sell products and services into their customers’ environments.

OEMs, VARs and SPs need to redefine the process of digital migration by including an ITAM solution with their new technology and service offerings. Bundling ITAM capabilities as part of their offer will mitigate risks, control critical paths, solve their customers’ migratory headaches and improve customer success.


An ITAM Solution Designed for You and Your Customers’ Digital Business Needs

RAY ALLEN, Inc. (RAI) has redefined IT Asset Management for digital business by creating an ITAM solution, called ALM/i (Asset Lifecycle Management with Insights), specifically designed to integrate and operate with OEM, VAR and SP technology solutions. ALM/i manages the full lifecycle (from order to disposition) of the hardware and software assets, software license subscriptions and maintenance services that are deployed and/or migrating within the customer’s environment. In addition to the day-to-day asset management, ALM/i provides valuable insights on asset costs, configuration and compliance to serve as the Single Source of Truth (SSoT) for managing the data that will be used to assess the success of digital business investments.

Our tiered solution is designed for different levels of ITAM integration and maturity, starting with our Foundation tier. This tier includes ITAM platforms, data engineering support and partner success management, and provides visibility across all customers’ IT assets, enabling more strategic, outcome-focused conversations around migration performance. Our Select and Premium tiers offer more advanced, high-touch ITAM capabilities, including customized ITAM workflow integration into legacy ITSM, CRM, ERP and ticketing systems, ensuring that IT asset information is accurate and shared across disparate systems.


Become a Market Disruptor

The digital business market is growing at a significant rate, with over 70% of enterprise customers making or planning an investment to migrate to new IT technologies[2]. Selling into this market is highly competitive and customers are looking for unique differentiators from OEMs, VARs and SPs to help justify their decision when it comes to a new technology, vendor or a managed service selection. We believe that ITAM could be the key differentiator for your solution.

Ready to differentiate and become a market disruptor? Contact RAY ALLEN, Inc. to learn more about how you can redefine how your customer invests in digital business by offering proven ITAM capabilities with your technology solution.


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