What We Do Your ITAM Managed Service Solutions The race to win today’s digital economy demands a customer-centric approach to doing business. Our managed services aim to drive your recurring revenue performance, while optimizing costs and delivering new value and solutions for an enhanced customer experience. RRM Managed Service Recurring Revenue Management
Our RRM Managed Service offering provides multi-vendor, B2B renewal solutions for optimizing your organization's services and subscription recurring revenue
ALM/i Managed Service Asset Lifecycle Management with Insights Our ALM/i Managed Services include 3 service tiers to enable progressive implementation and effective governance of networking environments that grow in complexity as your customer's business evolves.
FOUNDATION FOR ALL CUSTOMERS Comprehensive IT asset management solution for your organization and your entire customer base. SELECT UPSELL TO SELECT CUSTOMERS
Enhanced ITAM capabilities, enabling full lifecycle management of select customers’ unique environments.
Advanced high-touch ITAM services, customized to exceed the demands of your complex customers’ business objectives.
Partner Success Manager
Onboarding and Data Support Specialists
Support of ITAM Eligible Accounts
RAY ALLEN Global Assessment Audit – Single Source of Truth
RAY ALLEN Control Systems (RACS) Platform
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
HW and SW Lifecycle Management
Business Intelligence Insights
Lifecycle Optimization Process Workflows
RAY ALLEN Business Intelligence (RACS/BI) Platform
Enterprise Agreement Management
Renewal and True-Up Support
Credit Processing
Business Workflow Integration
Customized Services
How We Do It Your Complete IT Asset Lifecycle Management Solution
Digital migration is demanding future-forward ITAM solutions. Our holistic ALM/i managed services combine teams, tools, and processes to transform big data into intelligent business insights that enable organizations to make more informed, data-driven decisions. SCHEDULE A DEMO arrow_right_alt
Outcomes Your Proactive Asset Lifecycle
Management Solution
Rapid changes in technology are transforming the role of IT from a backroom function to a frontline business enabler, with a direct impact on business financials and scalability. A mature ITAM practice starts with a proactive strategy and governance system to manage fiscal control, process deficiencies, and resource investments.  REQUEST A DEMO arrow_right_alt
RISK MANAGEMENT Have confidence in your network’s performance when it comes to audits and compliance, and its resistance to downtime and customer churn risks.
Reduce Software License Overconsumption

Reduce Coverage Gaps

Ensure Adherence to Business Policy
69% INCREASE IN RENEWAL SALES Recurring Revenue Management provides Ray Allen partners with up to a 69% increase in overall renewal rates. 1

ANNUAL REVENUE GROWTH Improve your top line with sales-focused analytics, streamlined recurring revenue management, and value-added offerings that drive customer base growth, retention, and satisfaction.
RESOURCE OPTIMIZATION Reform IT spending through cost savings on under/over utilized assets, improved operational efficiency, and reduce you and your customers operational expenditures (OPEX).
30% IT COST SAVINGS Best-in-class ITAM practices enable organizations to achieve an average of 30% cost savings in the first year, and a further 5% year-over-year savings in subsequent years. 2

33% INCREASE IN SATISFACTION 55% of ITAM system users rate that they are very satisfied with commercial ITAM systems, compared to 22% for home-grown (built in-house) ITAM systems, and 6% for manual methods (spreadsheets). 3

COMPETITIVE EDGE Deliver a customer experience that differentiates your business from competitors through value-added offerings and services that enable true differentiators in customer experience (CX).
1 Internal RAY ALLEN solution statistics. 2 Gartner Inc. IT Asset Management Key Initiative Overview.
3 Flexera. 2020 State of Tech Spend Report.

Slide Drive Value to Your Customers Transform legacy asset management processes into simple, smart, and seamless workflows that deliver business outcomes and customer success. GET FAMILIAR WITH ALM/i arrow_right_alt