Asset lifecycle

The 10-foot view. Maintain the accuracy, governance and relevance of your and your customers’ data.

Group 20

Offer new customer lifecycle experiences.

Group 22

Enhance the integrity of your customers’ data.

Group 21

Increase customer satisfaction with service levels that fit their needs.


The 100,000-foot view. Transform your IT asset data into actionable strategy.

Group 24

Accurate insights based on comprehensive management of customer asset lifecycles.

Group 26

View insights in over 25 unique ITAM business intelligence applications.

Group 28

Insights designed for revenue-increasing, cost-saving and risk mitigation outcomes.

Our technology

RAY ALLEN Control System (RACS)

Lifecycle management platform for managing, governing and making changes to your customers’ install bases.

RACS Business Intelligence (RACS/BI)

Analytical insights platform with 25+ applications to explore asset status, enterprise agreements, license compliance and much more.

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Community Manager (CM)

The heart of RAY ALLEN’s ITAM ecosystem, connecting external systems, client applications and RAY ALLEN platform offerings with data translation and governance microservices to create a Unified Source of Truth.

ALM/i subscription services

We offer 3 tiers of asset lifecycle services designed to support the objectives of Service Providers, Value-Added Resellers and their Enterprise Customers.


Expert personnel and lifecycle platforms and processes designed to enhance SPs’ and VARs’ ITAM practices and offerings.

Foundation services:

  • RAY ALLEN Global Assessment Audit: Create your Unified Source of Truth
  • Dedicated Partner Success Manager (PSM)
  • Onboarding and data support specialists
  • On-going data audits and change processing: Maintain your Unified Source of Truth


Managed services for complex Enterprise Customers.

Foundation services, plus:

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager assigned to customer account (CSM)
  • Proactive comprehensive lifecycle management support
  • Enterprise Customer quarterly business reviews
  • Lifecycle optimization process workflows


Managed Services for your largest and most complex Enterprise Customers.

Foundation and Select services, plus:

  • Enterprise agreement management
  • Renewal and true-up support
  • Credit processing
  • Customized services

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Service providers

Discover how RAY ALLEN works with Service Providers to create new IT asset management offerings that exceed customer expectations.


Value-added resellers

Learn about how RAY ALLEN focuses on building strong relationships with our Value-Added Resellers and creating IT asset management solutions that last.


Networking equipment or Software vendors

Find out how RAY ALLEN helps Technology Manufacturers accelerate renewal cycles and boost renewal rates.

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