Recurring Revenue Management

People. Process. Tools. Insights.

Holistic Recurring Revenue Program

By combining RAY • ALLEN’s expert data analysis, platform integration/automation, and sales experience, our Recurring Revenue Management (RRM) service transforms business expenditures and inefficiencies into opportunities. RRM is comprehensive and accurate, analyzing the entire asset base to guide partners and end customers through the renewal process.

Recurring Revenue Starts with Renewals

RRM Groundwork


  • Holisitic Renewal Management For Complete Install Base
  • Renewal Process Management
  • Data Collection and Auditing
  • Data Analysis and Enrichment
  • Renewal Strategy Management
  • Quote Creation and Editing


  • Full Renewal Process Visibility
  • Accurate and Complete Data
  • Renewal Metrics
  • Win/Loss Reports


  • Quote Specialists
  • Renewal Specialists
  • Customer Success Management
  • Renewal Process Management
  • Data Support


  • Holistic and Scalable Renewal Processes
  • IT Asset Management Portals
  • Predictive and Planning Revenue Analysis
  • Recurring Revenue Insights and Analytics
  • Data Integrity Auditing


  • RAY • ALLEN Control System Portal
  • RAY • ALLEN Control System Business Insights Application
  • RAY • ALLEN Quoting Request Tool (QRT) /SFDC and API Integrations

For Partners

  • Accelerate Time to Quote
  • Renewal Consolidation
  • New Renewal Discovery
  • Increased Renewal Rates
  • Rebate Maximization
  • Reduce Opertional Costs
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

For Customers

  • Streamlined Renewal Process
  • Minimize Business Disruption
  • Increased Renewal Accuracy